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  • Updated 07/15/2014
  • Created 03/31/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About Killroy

19:11 Est., 07.15.14, Current Release, 1-3-10

Figured I needed to clean this up a bit and condense things. Killroy is a ChatLog modification for roleplayers in Wildstar. It has several features that make roleplay easier. The current feature list includes the following:

  • Cross-faction Chat
  • Asterisk Emote, Emote Quotes, and OOC Bracket chat color formatting.
  • Auto Insertion of the Carbine RP Chat Marker {*} in RP Only mode
  • A customizable Range Filter that reduces the distance say chat and emotes are received, with a soft falloff and occlusion detection.
  • Customizable Chat Colors
  • Fixes a ChatLog  bug that prevents muting of individual custom chat channels and circles.
  • Inline Target (%t) insertion in your chat.
  • Inline Emotes, {<youremote>}, that allow you to play animated emotes as you chat in say or emote.

Killroy requires the Carbine ChatLog Addon. It will not play well with any addon that replaces ChatLog or overrides ChatLog's methods. Killroy works by modifying ChatLog. If another addon modifies the same code, there will be conflicts which may not be immediately apparent.


ChatLog and "RP Only" mode

Carbine's ChatLog addon has a built in feature for filtering RP Chat from regular OOC chat. It's kind of hidden away and difficult to use by default. Killroy makes it easier by auto inserting the RP marker in your chat stream, but you can still confuse folks if you don't know what you're doing.

There are three settings for ChatLog's RP Filter: Both, RP Only and No RP. Every chat you send in Wildstar gets tagged by the system with a collection of variables. One of those variables tells the UI whether or not your chat is RP. The filter then either excludes no RP chat, excludes RP chat, or allows both. To tag your chat as RP chat you need to use the characters below (unless of course you're using Killroy with ChatLog in RP Only mode.)

Keep in mind that most folks aren't going to notice or bother with the RP filter, so the majority will only see your chat in the default (NoRP) mode. Taking that into account, the RP Filter is best used when you want some privacy and have agreed with your RP friends to use it.

ChatLog formatting characters:

"{#}": Forces input into the "alien" font.

"{*}": Forces input into "roleplay" mode.

"{!}": Removes special formatting from what comes after it.


/s {*} Mary had a {!} little lamb, its {#} fleece was white {!} as snow.

Would send "Mary had a" to the chat as RP text, "little lamb, its" as regular chat, "fleece was white" as alien text and "as snow" as regular text.

Updated Gemini Color, updated tagging to API 9


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  • #133

    Whenever I use Killroy now, I can not talking into other channels that are not apart of the tab I'm using.

    For example, I have 3 separate chat windows with various tabs for say, guild, party, zone etc... well if I'm in my say window, I can't use /g to talk to my guild channel or any of my custom channels, zone, anything that isn't already in that tab. If I type in my guild tab I can, but then I can't talk to /s or /z or such because they aren't in that tab. I do not have this issue when not using Killroy.

    Only possible chat addons I use are WoWChatColors, WildStar Instant Messenger and Translator.  I use Translator because I only run Killroy when at very large RP events and need the say area reduced.

  • #130

    Is there any way that Killroy might have a feature added that would stop truncating our posts in the chat buffer? Either by stopping us from typing so we know to hit enter and continue a new post or by posting multiple posts for us if the chat buffer is exceeded?

    Currently if we exceed the chat buffer it doesn't stop us at all but just cuts it off and deletes the rest, forcing an emergency copy-pasta to restore lost typing. =(

    Last edited by Kayllen on 7/30/2014 5:04:54 AM
  • #131

    @Kayllen, Off the top of my head, no. That limit isn't set by ChatLog and therefore can't be modified by Killroy. That's part of the Carbine Chat Engine. Maybe after Carbine publishes an API doc, I might be able to find something to deal with it, but for the time being it's beyond my abilities to control.

    Last edited by baslack on 8/1/2014 11:56:32 AM

  • #129

    Request to have a more obvious "On/Off" effect for the buttons. I cant ever tell (and neither can anyone else I've talked to) if the Occlusion is on or off or what. Otherwise, no complaints. :)

  • #132

    @ninjaofthe9seas, I've never understood why the nature of the buttons in Killroy is so confusing to people. Bright on, dimmed off. Seems simple to me. It is however something that has been complained about again and again and again. I have to redo the UI elements for 1-4 anyway, so I'm going to do some experimenting with sprites and maybe make some custom checkbox/switches. You win people, you win ;)

  • #127

    Looks like Killroy is suspended and no matter the settings I can't get it to load. Did Carbine put the kibosh on this addon?

  • #128

    @doomkittenplays, um no. Working fine here. What other addons are you using? Have you updated to the most recent version?

  • #120

    ...a\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\Killroy\Killroy.lua:1163: attempt to concatenate field 'strRealmName' (a nil value)
    stack trace:
        ...a\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\Killroy\Killroy.lua:1163: in function 'VerifyChannelVisibility'
        ...a\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\Killroy\Killroy.lua:1669: in function <...a\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\Addons\Killroy\Killroy.lua:1626>


    Happening while account-whisper (sometimes), only chance to get rid of it is /reloadui

    Last edited by Shuro2005 on 7/16/2014 11:28:44 AM
  • #123

    @Shuro2005, Update. So far I am unable to reproduce this. I corresponded via Account Whisper with one of my guild mates on Evindra, and then just for kicks created a new character on Widow just to see if cross server had any bearing on the problem. No problems though, all the whispers went through without issue. Next step I would say would be to test with you directly. If you're willing, PM me and I'll set you up as an account friend. We can then take a bit and try to trouble shoot this back and forth. Also, please send me a list of other addons you're using so I can review it for potential conflicts. Thanks for your time and for using Killroy.

  • #121

    @Shuro2005, hum, what does "sometimes" mean? Does it happen with specific individuals? Does it happen with a single individual intermittently? Are you using any other Chat Addons? The lines of code inquestion appear to be direct copies of ChatLog code, which has me a little flummoxed. I'll look into it tonight when I get home, but any additional information you can supply would be useful.

  • #116

    07.15.14, 9:42 EST. Had a look at the GITHUB commit of the Carbine addons. Not seeing any changes in ChatLog, so you should be able to force Killroy to work by telling it to ignore the API mismatch. I'll update it to API 9 tonight when I get home from work and make sure.

  • #118

    API 9 release update posted.

  • #114

    A little question, why does my chat doesn't save my circle chats saved? Like everytime I relog, I need to re-select them or it won't show them to me.

  • #115

    @AlexTheTall, not a problem I've seen. When I relog, all my tabs various mute settings are restored as expected. Can you give me a list of what addons you're using? In addition, if you can give me any Killroy or ChatLog XMLs from your saved variables folder, I will take a look at them.

  • #119

    @AlexTheTall, open an explorer window and there the following into the path line:


    In that folder you should see two subfolders, Addons and AddonSavedVariables. Inside AddonSavedVariables you will see an account folder. Go into that folder and you will see the account level saved variables and some server folders. Inside the server folders you will find folders for individual characters. Killroy has account level preferences and character level preferences. ChatLog, I believe, keeps everything at the character level. You can forward me links via PM to whatever file sharing service you subscribe to and I'll take a look at what's getting written.

    P.S. What is AZSocial Bar? Not having any luck finding it on Curse. None of the rest of those look like anything that should be mucking about with Killroy.

    Last edited by baslack on 7/16/2014 10:56:58 AM

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