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  • Supports: API 9
  • 79,624 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 04/25/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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About CandyBars

CandyBars is the ultimate addon in bar customization. Whether you just want to move you Action Bar or you want to put together your epic UI, CandyBars can do it. With CandyBars you can change, edit, move, hide, and drastically change the game bars to how you desire. In addition, CandyBars also adds many extra functions to the game bars. This addon is ever changing and ever evolving. User feedback often leads to added features or changed functions. Try CandyBars today!

type /cb or open the interface menu list to access the options

to access the flyout menus for abilities such as Recall, Mount, Potion, Path, and Innate simply right + click on the corresponding ability

To hide the original Action Bar... 

Look below at "HUD Controls" to find out how.


A donate button has been added to the right side of this page. This is for people who like the addon and wish to support the developers of it. 100% of the donation goes to the developers.




  • Fixed zoning bug.
  • Hotkeys now constantly update.


Action Bar

  • Adjustable the number of rows and columns
  • Adjustable button size and padding between buttons
  • Adjustable opacity and number of buttons
  • Spec switch buttons on bottom
  • Reversible button order
  • Optional Innate button with the added ability of having it on its own bar

Secondary Bar

  • Just as customizable as the Action Bar
  • The bar can be split into two bars

Utility Bar

  • Can contain the Mount, Recall, Gadget, Path, and Potion buttons
  • You choose which buttons are shown on the bar
  • Option to have two separate bars
  • Flyout menus for the Mount, Recall, Path, and Potion buttons
  • Right click to access the Flyout menus

Layout Editor

  • Edit the layout of the Action Bar.
  • Make it look how you want it.
  • Simply drag and drop the abilities to where you want them then press update.
  • Adjust the size of the grid to how you want it.

HUD Controls

  • Here you can hide many parts of the default UI such as the Action Bar.
  • Much easier than disabling addons.
  • To hide the stock Recall button you still might have to disable the RecallFrame addon.


To Do


  • Fixed zoning bug.
  • Hotkeys now constantly update.



  • Fixed the two main errors popping up.



  • Added cooldown bars! (Right now only on action bar)
  • Fixed error on switch world.
  • Fixed Recall Button not changing.
  • Fixed Potion Button not starting with the correct potion.
  • Keybinds now update correctly.



  • New options interface!
  • Layout Editor added!
  • HUD hide / show options added.
  • Consolidated the shortcut and vehicle bars into "Other Bars".
  • Fixed a recall button error.
  • Added padding to the utility bars.
  • Added hide in combat to the action bar. (other bars coming soon)
  • You can now hide hotkeys.



  • Fixed another error from last game patch



  • Added Keybind Mode
  • Fixed error from last patch
  • Fixed current profile not saving when creating a new options profile.



  • WildStar now sees it as the correct api.



  • API bump.



  • Fixed Lib bugs.
  • Esc options button now works.
  • Current profile now saves.
  • Action Bar properly hides or shows after vehicle bar is hidden.
  • Fixed error with recall button when switching profiles.
  • Deleted leftover debugging prints.



  • Fixed mount bug.
  • Fixed secondary bar bug.



  • Complete rewrite



  • *Added borders and options* (Not yet enabled)
  • All flyouts should now show properly




  • Added opacity sliders to the bars
  • Fixed Options bug having to do with defaults
  • Moved the Vehicle Bar to it's own group in the options in preparation for additional settings
  • Added a Size setting for the Innate bar
  • Fixed Show Innate Bar option unchecking itself
  • Reduced the size of the defaults button
  • Added Shortcut Bars to replace ActionBarShortcut
  • Added an Import/Export feature to transfer or backup settings
  • Added a greeting on login



  • Added opacity sliders to the bars
  • Fixed Options bug having to do with defaults
  • Moved the Vehicle Bar to it's own group in the options in preparation for additional settings
  • Added a Size setting for the Innate bar
  • Fixed Show Innate Bar option unchecking itself
  • Reduced the size of the defaults button
  • Added Shortcut Bars to replace ActionBarShortcut
  • Added an Import/Export feature to transfer or backup settings
  • Added a greeting on login
  • Fixed Innate Bar sizing crop problem



  • Added an options button in the Interface List
  • Settings should no longer reset when you update to a newer version
  • Added Default button on options window to reset all options
  • Added a little about line in the options window
  • Fixed Innate flyout
  • Max icon size has been increased to 65
  • Added a universal Button Padding option
  • Innate Bar now locks
  • Using the Vehicle Bar option in a vehicle toggles the bar



  • Added flyout menus for everything
  • Fixed Button Lock Bug
  • Locking bars now removes the borders
  • Vehicle Bar now added
  • Vehicle Bar option added
  • Added "Show Empty Slots" option



  • Cleaned up code
  • Added 2 utility bars
  • Added innate bar
  • New and improved options layout
  • Added various options
  • Added a Lock Bars option
  • Added Tooltips along with an option
  • Some other minor improvements



  • Fixed bug that caused settings to not save


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  • #723

    Any chance of an update to this fabulous add-on?

  • #722

    Will you updating for f2p?

  • #720

    Will you updating this addon for API10?  I really love this addon, but I can't change mounts.

  • #721

    Hi! I have had absolutely no time at all since my new job but I'm working with either someone else or myself updating it soon. Thanks!

  • #719
    I would like to see the possibility that the coordinates were not attached to the left side , and would be binding to the center of the screen (as is done in optiplates addon), because if someone plays from different computers and copies constantly folder with the settings of the game, on all candy-bars is shifted to the left and right .

    (sry for bad english, its google-translate)
    Last edited by Dawhimti on 3/23/2015 2:18:48 AM
  • #718

    Hey, I'm having problems with the action bar disappearing whenever I log in. I have to reloadui or untick/retick show action bar in /cb to make it show again. Had this problem since forever but I was wondering if there's a fix for it?


  • #715

    Hi everyone! I'm working on an update to fix some of the issues that came up with Drop 3. I heard there is a problem with the gadget button and maybe at launch. Can someone let me know what problems there are? Thanks!

  • #717

    I just started using the addon (which is very useful), but here are some issues I have noticed:

    - The bars don't change when you are in a vehicle or using a special item.  Because of this I still need to use the main action bar.

    - You cannot hide the default Transmat or Path Bars

    -  The secondary bar extends WAY beyond the actual buttons.  At first I thought that this was just an aesthetic issue while moving the bar, but it turns out that it will cover other buttons and make them unpressable.

  • #713

    Hello, firstly, thank you very much for your work. People take addons for granted too often but I know how it feels to no longer have addons I have grown to rely on. So I very much appreciate your work!

    AlpacaHUD addon has been abondoned. I was using CandyBars until I found AlpacaHUD because Alpaca has the amazing "verticle cooldown bars" feature. I see that CandyBars now has cooldown "alpha" on the hotkeys that slides down the key showing it's cooldown, but I REALLY love the more "peripheral" friendly visuals of the sliding cooldown bars.

    At a glance I could know what's off cooldown and what's coming off cooldown just by the shape of my Aaction bar. The alpha change CandyBars uses now works, but I have to focus on it a little bit more than hotkeys that actually move up and down a little bar.

    If CandyBars could get this feature in as an option to use instead of the cooldown alpha on hotkeys, CandyBars would retake the crown as best action bar addon! And I would be compelled to donate at that point as well, hehe :)

    (PS - The reactive proc cooldown bar (for like "on crit" skills) Alpaca has would be nice too but I realize it's probably slightly outside of the scope of what you're doing here with CB. But if you've ever seen that little bar in action, it's really great. Not only does it show a little bar that slides to show how long one of your "reactive procs" is usable for, but it will put a little mark on that bar to show when you can ACTUALLY use it if it happens to be on cooldown still but was still "triggered", like with the Medic's Atomize. Check out the main picture on the curse page for AlpacaHUD and you'll see both the verticle cooldown bars on the action bar and the proc bar on the right side of the screen with the little mark on it to show when it's actually usable)

    Last edited by glowang on 11/24/2014 7:43:48 PM
  • #714

    Hi! First off, thank you so much for your support and feedback. I had seen that addon before and that's actually why I first implemented the "alpha" style cooldown bars on top of the action buttons. Unfortunatley, the way CandyBars is coded it doesn't really allow for the action bars to move like they do in AlpacaHUD. I would be happy to look into some kind of alternative for you. Like maybe some kind of flash animation for when a spell comes off cooldown or something. If you have an idea for a more obvious cooldown visualization than the current one I'd love to work with you on doing that. I hope that we can figure out a way to have it be more helpful to you. Feel free to send me a PM anytime. Thanks!

  • #716

    Hey, sounds great!

    I think a good first step would be to just give us more control over the current alpha.

    1) Intensity of the Alpha overlay - Ever use AuraMastery? The way the cooldown alpha overlays work on that is exactly what I'm talking about. You can go from barely seeing the overlay to having the overlay completely block out the hotkey under it.

    2) Color of the alpha overlay - Being able to pick brighter and bolder colors would help. Being able to chooes a color that I happen to be able to see easier would help. Something I might do would be to have the cooldown overlay alpha set to 100 opacity and make the color bright red. This would be extremely easy to see at a glance what hotkeys can be used and which can't.

    3) Animations - Just like you mentioned, some kind of flash or something similar. Once again I will refer to the same feature of AuraMastery. You can choose from about 6 different animations, like different animated borders and things like that. I think that a "flash" like you brought up is nice, but I also like for the animation to be persistent the entire time the hotkey is usable.

    4) Granularity - Not sure if this is even possible or if it is how hard it would be to implement, but I think it would be amazing if we could apply each of these options to each hotkey INDIVIDUALLY. So I could have maybe my Innate skill have an animation and my Gadget key could have an animation but my other hotkeys wouldn't have one, or they would have a different one. Having different color cooldown overlays for my heals, my stun, and then for my DPS would be cool. Each of these options applying to the entire action bar and hotkeys as a whole would be great, but having the control to apply it individually would really be something I've never seen before (at least that I can remember, haha) and would be extremely amazing (I have a feeling it ISN'T possible or is really hard / time consuming though, hopefully I'm wrong).

    5) Mobility - You said that due to the way CB is coded you can't move the bars like Alpaca, but is there ANY form of movement you think you can do? I assume there has to be something that can be done since CB can have it's keys in different places, they don't have to be just straight across. Would it be possible to have at least an "up" (default location) position and then a "down" position for the keys? When the key is up and aligned with the action bar's default position, it's off cooldown. When the key is down it's on cooldown (not sure if there could be an option for how far down it goes or if it would just have to be "1 row" down, if you get what I mean). This would help create the same, easy "at-a-glance friendly" view that Alpaca was accomplishing with their vertical cooldown bars.

    I'm putting this here instead of a PM to see if anyone else wants to talk about improvements in this area, I would be interested in other ideas as well.

  • #712

    i'm working on an update for drop 3. Thanks!

  • #711

    Hello! I want to thank you for this amazing addon! Keep it up!

  • #710

    I have EVERYTHING just no action bar, think it has gone off screen since Drop 3, how do I reset positioning?

  • #708

    Gadget button broken by Drop 3.

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