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About FieldOfViewCalculator

FoVCalculator assists in estimating and setting your FoV value based on your screen size, aspect ratio, and distance from your eyes to the screen.

  • /setfov opens the calculator
  • /setfov <number> (/setfov 90) to directly set your FoV.  This is best if you already know what your target VerticalFoV is.

Why this is important (by request):  

Also, when TB references his preferred FoV, he talks about 90-95, which would represent Horizontal FoV.  Wildstar's editable FoV setting is vertical FoV, and 90-95 horizontal FoV is approximately 65-70 vertical FoV.  When you run the calculator, it will give you the Vertical FoV value, since the horizontal can't be changed in Wildstar.  I just wanted to make that clear.  Hope this helps to understand better what your'e doing.


Updates (newest first):


  • Rebuilt the addon to calculate your estimated FoV based on your settings and screen placement.


  • Added an argument to /setfov so you can just type your desired FoV after /setfov (i.e. /setfov 90) and it will adjust without typing the /eval command or messing with the slider.  This is best if you already know what your target FoV is, and want to see it really quick.  If you don't like that setting, just type /setfov without the number after it, and it will pull up the standard slider window. Thanks to zeaga, for the code modification that made this possible. 


  • Launch ready!


  • Very minor change to formatting of /setfov instructions in chat window.


  • Changed UI style to better fit overall theme of UI 2.0.


  • Blocked FoV text values from manual edits (preventing accidental text value entry).
  • Added feature to revert slider to last known FoV value when canceled before applying changes.
  • Added auto-detect feature for first-time use, or to restore if Wildstar saved data file is corrupted, deleted, or otherwise unavailable.


  • Fixed errors with first-time use.
  • Fixed up arrow on slider not working properly.


  • API 9 registration


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  • #59

    Thanks alot for this awesome Addon. Would it be possible to create an alternative version of this addon that instead was programmed to create the Oculus Rift viewport? I'm not sure how advanced the Addon API is, or if something like this would be possible.

  • #55

    Here are two videos from Feng Zhu at the FZD School of Design that talk more about the technical aspect of FoV in gaming:

    Hope it helps folks appreciate what FoV is and why video games need to address it.

    Last edited by JDogg126 on 7/18/2014 10:00:59 AM
  • #56

    Yes.  I watched both of those videos (multiple times) before originally releasing this addon.  I linked the TB explanation because it wasn't as technical (though I thought quite a bit about releasing the two you linked instead).

    Thanks for posting them.  Now both birds are dead :D

  • #51

    Hey, quick FoV question...

    Does the in-game camera distance factor into the calculation at all or is it irrelevant?  Why/why not?


  • #52

    Thinking through the problem tells me it is relevant, but, at the same time irrelevant.  It is relevant in that the character's actual perspective isn't necessarily in 1st person, which is where FoV is most important (and most relevant).  However, most players are also somewhat subconsciously "ignoring" their character in the game world and the 3rd person perspective is really only there for orientation to the game world.

    I guess what I'm saying is that what is rendered on the screen isn't really what your character itself can see, but what you see on the screen as the 3rd person controller of the on-screen avatar.  In that sense, the camera is actually your eyes as you, an invisible controller, dictate the actions of an avatar acting in your proxy.  So, FoV is important to your camera, as it is the 1st person perspective of your eyes within the rendered game world, but the distance that the camera is from the character/avatar doesn't matter as you're not seeing what the avatar sees, but what the camera sees.

    That's the why not.  What is important is the size of your screen, it's proportions, and how far your eyes are from the screen.  That's what the brain is trying to reconcile as you play, and if the FoV is off, your brain has to work harder to construct the rendered 3D space.  Some people are bothered more by that than others.

    Last edited by thief425 on 7/13/2014 9:30:06 AM
  • #54


    An excellent explanation, thanks!

  • #48

    You should explain what this FieldOfView does. Many people, including myself, have no idea why this would help with eye fatigue.

  • #49

    I added a video from TotalBiscuit where he explains it.  I think it's a fair overview.  Thanks for the suggestion!

  • #44

    Distance to your screen is a little vague if you ask me,
    distance measured in what? international standard centimers? meters? or those decrepit US Inches, foots or whatnot?

    (Outside the US we have no easy way to measure inches so i just went with a rough estimate)

    I love your addon btw! Keep it up!

    Last edited by Xenn88 on 7/7/2014 3:49:39 AM
  • #46

    You can use either cm, meters, inches, feet, miles, etc, so long as your distance to the screen and diagonal measurement of the screen are in the same units.  It's only vague in the sense that the math doesn't care what units you use, as long as they are consistent.

    Just for funsies, I used "arm length" measurements in the calculator this morning.  I sit one "arm-length" away from my screen, and my screen is .6 "arm-lenghts" in diagonal.  I got the same FoV as when I used inches.  (My arm is approximately 31" and my screen is slightly less than to my elbow, which is about 20", I measured after I calcuated the FoV").

    So, while I accept your bit of snark since I didn't actually think about using metric because I was brainwashed to use standard units as an American, it actually doesn't matter because the calculations are all based on ratios, which don't care about units of measure.  What's important are the relationships between those units.

  • #58

    I was wondering the same thing. Units of measurement should be mentioned somewhere... typing 12 for inches or 1 for feet is kind of a big difference.

  • #50

    You should still make mention of a unit at least. It's pretty frustrating to be asked for a mesaurement without a unit. 

  • #45

    I love that Antarctica is green in this silly image.

    Last edited by Rhino2 on 7/7/2014 4:09:36 AM
  • #57
    Quote from addicted07 »
    Quote from Rhino2 »

    I love that Antarctica is green in this silly image.



    There is a legend in the picture. The green shows countries in which the metric system is used. That's why is green.

    Yeah, Antarctica the country... what's it's capital again?  Can you be a country if you have no discernable permanent residents and/or GDP?

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.

  • #47
    Quote from Rhino2 »

    I love that Antarctica is green in this silly image.



    There is a legend in the picture. The green shows countries in which the metric system is used. That's why is green.

    Last edited by addicted07 on 7/7/2014 7:33:28 AM
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