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  • Updated 07/15/2014
  • Created 04/27/2014
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  • License: MIT License
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About SpaceStash

New (1 july 2014) : You can now track multiple currency or none (even money). Added bank sorting options. Fixed some options not being properly restored. More information in the patch note.


  • Replacement of the base large inventory and bank with a smaller and configurable one.
  • Inventory and bank sorting.
  • Automatic repair or selling items at vendor (configurable).
  • Choose when you want to your inventory to open (at vendor, auction house, etc.).
  • Localized in English and French (if you want to help for deDe or koKR translation, your welcome).

Recommended other addons

Theses addons works well combined to SpaceStash :


SpaceStash is an addon aiming to be an equivalent of Bagnon for Wildstar. Actually, it allow you to personalize some aspects as icons size and the number of items per row or the currency you are willing to display. You will also be able to choose to use some automation like selling items or repair while visiting a vendor and when your inventory is displayed.
By clicking on the top-left button, you will open a small window allowing you to view your bank or to open the options.The second button will allow you to display your currently equipped bags. To hide them, you can simple push this button a second time.
In the bottom part, you will find your all currencies by moving your mouse on the currencies frame, a button to open the salvage all window and another to open your tradeskills inventory.

Next version

SpaceStash is actual in a active development phase and is updated regularly. Here is a little list of what is expected for the next version.
  • The quest inventory integration.
  • The tradeskills inventory integration.

Missing features before 1.0 release

Here is a no-exhaustive list of features that will be added before the release :
  • A quest inventory and a tradeskills inventory displayed in a similar way that the bags (the button to show bags is in fact a tab, others tab are currently hidden).
  • Possibility to see the bags / bank of the others characters on the same server.
  • A search box.

Known bugs

  • Split window position save don't work properly, you may have to move it multiple time.
  • The dropdown menu may be overlapped by the Close button of SpaceStashCore window.
  • You may have to reloadui between bank slot buy. 

  • Fixed an deleted file still being referenced in the toc file.


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  • #575

    Guys... Gears set incoming! (btw i will soon publish my current version with new new item's icon and proper sorting method saving). 

  • #577

    Awesome, you do good work :D

  • #572

    Any chance for repair option to make it repair from guild then from my own funds?

  • #574

    yes but no eta

  • #578

    glad it is in the works :)

  • #571

    Due note: When purchasing a third bank slot  - You will lose your money (1 plat) if this addon is turned on and bankviewer is turned off. I do not know if it's because carbine's bankviewer was turned off, or it is a result of this addon. Figure I should let you the developer of this app know. Not sure what else you can do as well. 

  • #579

    Same problem here, just lost all my money D: on the wildstar forums this has also been reported but carbine responded that the cause is this addon.

  • #569

    My Salvage button in the main inventory is broken, nothing happens when I click it. This used to work a while ago but I don't remember what has changed since then.

    If I disable SpaceStashInventory and use the default inventory the button works as intended.

  • #570

    Do you use a salvage addon ? 

  • #580

    I cannot drag any items onto the salvage button anymore , but i can click the button to open scrappy. is that what you mean?

  • #576

    I used to use Scrappy but don't anymore. The salvage button is broken both with and without using Scrappy.

  • #568

    How do I add multiple items to the white list or black list for auto selling?

  • #564

    I can't get this Addon to remotely check Bank inventory, let alone see what's in my other toons' inventories.  I went so far as to Restore Defaults (gah!) and it still doesn't work.  Clearly it's not an issue with conflicting Addons.  Any ideas what might be the problem and how I might get this to work?

    Oh yeah, sorting isn't persistent either.

    Last edited by Anoyarou on 7/20/2014 8:59:27 PM
  • #565

    use mouse scroll on the top left button

  • #573

    That was unexpected, but the mouse scroll worked.

    Inventory sorting still isn't persistent.

    Was being able to remotely check your other characters' inventories a coming feature, or is it already in?  If it's in, I don't know how to use it.

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