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  • WildStar
  • 1,285 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: API 9
  • 230,666 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 05/10/2014
  • 229 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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About ZenRadar


=== Commands


/zr = Shows the ZenRadar Config window

/zr toggle = show/hide the radar window

/zr wl = like pressing the white list button

/zr bl = like pressing the black list button

/zr lock = like pressing the lock radar button


=== Description


This application will show a pop-up with all the nearest unread journals and datacubes in your vicinity.

It also works for resource nodes depending on how you configure it. 

They are sorted by distance, once this is done, click on an item to show an hint arrow toward the object

/zr or using the Configuration button will show the ZenRadar config window


I will not lie, I have used Radar as a base for this addon. The point is to have this addon working as is on curse during release.

=== White Lists:
Rare Mobs Names - Straight from the RareTracker addon
Nomjin; Frostshard; Prodigy; Beastmaster Xix; Iiksy; Shadowfall; Leatherface; Stonepile; Stanch; Galegut; Gnawer; Deadbough; Barebones; Wormwood the Wraithmaker; Wormwood Acolyte; Ashwin the Stormcrested; Claymore XT-9; AG5 Blitzbuster; Nym Maiden of Mercy; Asteria; Acacia; Atethys; Mikolai the Malevolent; The Shadow Queen; XL-51 Goliath; Queen Bizzelt; Captain Fripeti; Groundswell Guardsman; RG3 Blitzbuster; Brigadier Bellza; Black Besieger; Exterminator Cryvex; Veshra the Eye of the Storm; Slopper; Gravek the Swale-Striker; Veldrok the Vindicator; Moreg the Mauler; Zersa the Betrothed; Kalifa; Cromlech the Kilnborn; Suul of the Silva; Meldrid the Decrepit; Blisterbane; Squall; Flamesurge; Flamebinder Sorvel; Rumble; Doctor Rotthrall; Kryne the Tidebreaker; Quin Quickdraw; Andara the Seer; Crog the Smasher; ER-7 Explorer; AX-12 Defender; Torgal the Devastator; Scabclaw; Gorax the Putrid; Old Scrappy; Dreadbone; Guardian Xeltos; Guardian Zelkix; Augemnted Ragemaster; Flintrock; Gorignak; Granitefist; Dreich; Beelzebug; Whitefang; Detritus; Lifegrazer; The Pink Pumera; The Queen; Blinky; Drifter; The Lobotomizer; Abyss; Deadpaws; Alpha Guard One; Alpha Guard Two; Strainblade; Vorgrim; The Vultch; Deathgrazer; Purple Peep Eater; The Ravagist; Amorphomorph; King Grimrock; Scrabbles; Sgt. Garog; Excargo; Gorganoth Prime; The Floater; Weapon 24; Ghostfin; Torrent; Whirlwind; Dreadmorel; Regulator 11; Auxiliary Probe; Sarod the Senseless; Aeacus; Silverhorn; Voresk Venomgill; The Terror of Bloodstone; Zakan the Necroshaman; Wrath of Niwha; Felidax; Terminus Rex; Gavwyn the Verdant Defender; Steel Jaw; Arianna Wildgrass; Arianna's Sentry; Arianna's Assassin; Subject: Rho; The Endless Hunger; Flamekin; Nakaz the Deadlord; Hotshot Braz; Bloodtail; Blightbeak; Deathpaw; Grudder; Quiggles; King Cruelclaw; Queen Kizzek; Grovekeeper Fellia; Razorclaw; Chief Blackheart; Rondo; Rondo's Squad; XT-9 Alpha; Crystalback; Rashanna the Soul Drinker; The Embermaster; Rotfang; Spellmaster Verwyn; Subject V - Tempest; Subject J - Fiend; Subject K - Brute; KE-27 Sentinel; KE-28 Energizer; Subject Tau; Grinder; Bugwit; Icefang; Frostbite; Grellis the Blight Queen; Torvex the Crystal Titan; K9 Destroyer; Stormshell; FR2 Blitzer; Permafrost; Drud the Demented; Frosty the Snowtail; Skorga the Frigid; Warlord Nagvox; Shellshock; AX-12 Defender; Blubbergut; Frozenclaw; Stonegut; Savageclaw; Grug the Executioner; Blightfang; Basher Grogek; FlameBinder Trovin; Queen Tizzet}

Nomjin; Éclat de givre; Petit doigt; Dompteur Xix; Iiksy; Ombrechute; Tas de pierres; Endigueur; Souffletripe; Rongeur; Mortebranche; Ossanu; Verbois le Courrouceur; Acolytes verbois; Ashwin le Crêtetempête; Claymore XT-9;AG5 Blitzbuster;Nym; vierge de la pitié;Asteria;Acacia;Atethys;Mikolai le malfaisant;La reine des ombres;Goliath XL-51;Reine Bizzbizze;Capitaine Fripeti;Garde du Tellurixe;Bombardeur RG3;Brigadier Bellza;Assiégeant noir;Exterminateur Cryvex;Veshra l'œil du cyclone;Renverseur;Gravek le Frappefosse;Veldrok le Vengeur;Moreg le Déchiqueteur;Zersa la Promise;Kalifa;Cromlech l'Enfourné;Meldrid la Décatie;Cloquepoil;Brise-bourrasque;Retour de flamme;Bave de Grondeur;Docteur Vilserf;Kryne le Brisemarée;Quin fine gâchette;Andara le Devin;Crog le Fracasseur;Explorateur ER-7;Défenseur AX-12;Torgal le Dévasteur;Corrugriffe;Gorax le Putride;Vieux tas de ferraille;Épouvantos;Gardien Xeltos;Gardien Zelkix;Silex;Gorignak;Poings de granit;Dreich;Bourdard;Croblanc;Détritus;Viverelle;L'Antre de la reine;Cligneur;Drifter;Le Lobotomiseur;Écran abyssal;Mortes-poignes;Garde Alpha 1;Garde Alpha 2;Souille-lame;Vorgrim;Le Vautour;Morterelle;Le Ravageur;Amorphomorphe;Roi Sinistroche;Scrabbles;Sergent Garog;Excargo;Primo Gorganoth;Le Flotteur;Arme 24;Spectraileron;Torrent - Reduced movement speed.;Tourbillon;Soucheflamme;Effroimorille;Régulateur11;Sonde auxiliaire;Sarod l'Insensé;Aeacus;Cornargent;Voresk Branchivenin;La Terreur de Rochesang;Zakan le Nécrochaman;Courroux du Niwha;Froc de Felidax;Terminus Rex;Gavwyn le Défenseur verdoyant;Mâchoire d'acier;Arianna Herbefolle;Sentinelle d'Arianna;Assassin d'Arianna;Sujets: Rho;La faim sans fin;Nakaz le Seigneur mort;Sanguifouet;Rouillebec;Donnemort;Grapace;Grouillis;Roi Lacérace;Reine Kizzek;Protectrice du bosquet Fellia;Acèregriffe;Chef de Noircœur;Rondo;Équipe de Rondo;Alpha XT-9;Crystalback Bull;Rashanna la Buveuse d'âmes;Le Maître des braises;Putrecroc;Maître des sorts Verwyn;SujetV: tempête;SujetJ: démon;SujetK: brute;SentinelleKE-27;Source d'énergieKE-28;Sujet: Tau;Monture Broyeur;Bugwit;Croc-de-glace;Morglace;Torvex le Titan de cristal;DestructeurK9;Coquetempête;Pilonneur FR2;Permafrost;Drud le Dément;Skorga le Glacé;Seigneur de guerre Nagvox;Griffegel;Commotionneur;Renverseur;Défenseur AX-12}

Der Schrecken von Blutstein; Zakan der Nekroschamane; Zorn von Niwha; Felidax; Terminus Rex; Gavwyn der Grüne Verteidiger; Stahlkiefer; Arianna Wildgras; Ariannas Wachposten; Ariannas Assassinin; Subject: Rho; Der unstillbare Hunger; Nakaz der Totenherr; Teufelskerl Braz; Geistflosse; Strömung; Wirbelwind; Flammensippe; Furchtmorchel; Regulator11; Hilfssonde; Sarod der Sinnlose; Aeacus; Silberhorn; Vorsek Giftkiemen; Blutschwanz; Faulschnabel; Todespfote; Grudder; Quiggles; König Grausamklaue; Königin Kizzek; Hainbeschützerin; Scharfkralle; Häuptlich Schwarzherz; Rondo; Rondos Trupp; XT-9 Alpha; Kristallrücken; Rashanna die Seelentrinkerin; Der Glutmeister; Faulzahn; Spruchmeister Verwyn; Kalifa; Cromlech der Brennofengeborene; Seele der Silva; Meldrid die Altersschwache; Blasenfluch; Böe; Flammenwoge; Flammenbinder Sorvel; Rumpeln; Doktor Faulsklave; Kryne der Wellenbrecher; Quin Flinkhand; Andara die Seherin; Crog der Schmetterer; ER-7 Kundschafter; AX-12 Verteidiger; Schorfklaue; Gorax der Faulige; Torgal der Verwüster; Alte Rumpelkiste; Schreckensknochen; Wächter Xeltos; Wächter Zelkix; Augmentierter Zornmeister; Steingedärm; Wildklaue; Grug der Scharfrichter; Faulzahn; Spalter Grogek; Flammenbinder Trovin; Königin Tizzet; Feuerstein; Grignak; Granitfaust; Dreich; Summuel; Weißzahn; Geröll; Lebensgraser; Blutmähne; Die Königin; Blinzli; Gammler; Der Lobotomisierer; Abgrund; Totenpfoten; Alphawache Eins; Alphawache Zwei; Transmutationsklinge; Vorgrimm; Der Vultch; Todgraser; Endlosschlund; SubjektV-Sturm; SubjektJ-Scheusal; SubjektK-Widerling; SubjektV - Sturm; SubjektJ - Scheusal; SubjektK - Widerling; Subjekt V-Sturm; Subjekt J-Scheusal; Subjekt K-Widerling; Subjekt V - Sturm; Subjekt J - Scheusal; Subjekt K - Widerling; Schleifer; Kleinsinn; Wache KE-27; Auflader KE-28; Subjekt: Tau}

+++ Updated the code to show dailies again!


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  • #409

    wondering if this addon is still being worked on?  or at least planned to be worked on.

  • #408

    Is this addon going to be updated in the future? I can get it work now with force reload, but I fear eventually it will be non-compatible. I really like it, but I'll probably have to switch to Perspective or something in the future.

  • #407

    I was using this radar like a charm till today. The api 10 does not seem to be supported.

  • #405

    I seem to have an issue periodically where kills suddenly lag my game by about 1/4 second. I am pretty sure it is related to ZenRadar; I updated it, and it worked properly again, but then has slowly gone back into "lag mode".  As I'm ignorant of programming, I could be blaming this incorrectly. Has anyone else had this issue?

  • #406

    @seethman - I've experienced this, too. I just (this week) installed ZenRadar for the first time and loved the functionality, but had to uninstall it due to the periodic lag. I will gladly try it again when an update for this comes out.

  • #402

    Mine seems to be too far to the left which cuts off the firt few characters - any way to move the panel ?

  • #403

    You ccan move the panel if you click on the border and drag it

  • #401

    Since the 31/07 Wildstar update daily quests don't show up on my Zenradar. Anyone else in the same boat?

    Last edited by Atyesz on 8/1/2014 3:15:52 AM
  • #404

    Will have to check once I see a daily quest...for now I have none

  • #400
    Quote from NeoOmniX »

    Willing to add this if someoene find an easy solution that won't take me 12 hours to implement.

    /eval Apollo.GetAddon("ZenRadar").wndTrackedUnits:SetCellDoc(1, 1, "<P TextColor='red'>red_text</P>")

  • #397

    Any chance we could get the missing caravan member for the Malgrave Trail added to Zen Radar?

  • #398

    If it does not show...this mean it's a creature who has too little information sadly.


    Only way would be to white list it really

  • #393

    I still really want some opacity/border settings for the window sooooooo badly!!!!!

    How much do I have to donate to get these options, please!?!??!

  • #394

    You really hate having 6 pixels wasted on borders to make the addon look sharp?

  • #391

    Sighs...One of my alts, work not to show toggle...but other alts work fine....How can I do?


    I tryed as /zr toggle, it shows NOTHING... but /zr (Config window) work fine... How?

    Last edited by Wisdom on 7/26/2014 12:16:43 AM
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