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Fast Target Frames

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  • Project Manager: nohh
  • WildStar
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  • Supports: API 8
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  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 05/10/2014
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
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About Fast Target Frames

NOTE: Further testing shows this addon only helps if Wildstar is using DirectX 9.  If you are using the DirectX 11 renderer, you likely won't see any FPS increase.  You can tell which renderer Wildstar is using in the text at the bottom of the client when you enter your username and password.  If it says DX9 somewhere, this will help.  If it says DX11 then it won't.

Having FPS issues? Try this addon.  One common recommendation to improve FPS in WildStar currently is to completely disable the TargetFrames addon, but target frames are important!  This simple addon disables the animation from target frame portraits.  Disabling these animations can lead to a significant FPS increase for many people without needing to remove target frames completely or install other addons which might change the UI significantly.

Give it a shot, I hope it works for you.

Updated to use the new UI graphics because they still haven't fixed the bug which makes this addon necessary.


  • #9

    ...\WildStar\Addons\FastTargetFrame\FastTargetFrame.lua:1263: attempt to call field 'GetBuffTooltipForm' (a nil value)
    stack trace:
        ...\WildStar\Addons\FastTargetFrame\FastTargetFrame.lua:1263: in function <...\WildStar\Addons\FastTargetFrame\FastTargetFrame.lua:1259>

  • #8

    Thanks for this! I got an amazing FPS increase with this. 

  • #7

    Thanks for the addon!
    After alt-tabbing blue placeholders are shown instead of portraits for a moment. It's a minor issue, but it doesn't happen with Carbine addon.

  • #6

    omg I love this, why doesn't the base UI have the option to not have the animated portraits? I don't mind using other unit frames necessarily but there aren't many options out there yet for them. So thank you for this!

    (I run the game under dx9 anyway, it was a recommended troubleshooting step for some crashing issues I was having.)

  • #4

    Hey would it be possible to update this addon? Its showing the old Unit Frames now and Carbine has updated them now with class icons and different interrupt armor icons. Thanks!

    Last edited by Zonda31 on 5/23/2014 8:52:30 PM
  • #5

    Updated w/ the new UI graphics, was hoping they'd fix the bug that makes this addon necessary but nope, not fixed yet...

  • #3

    Thanks so much for the addon! One request though, How can i disable the buff bars?(Installing Simple Buff bar automatically disables them(Gives an option too) for carbines but not this :(

  • #2

    Shame it does nothing w/ DX11 :-(

  • #1

    This is awesome. Got at least 20 FPS increse. 

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