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  • WildStar
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  • Supports: API 9
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  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 05/22/2014
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Support development! **

About NoOfflineRoster

Note: Something like this was originally made by Talea for his GCRE project. He seems to be inactive, so I made this.

It doesn't replace the stock Guild Roster but hooks into it to hide offline members. This way Carbine can keep the Roster updated without me.

-added Circles

-updated to API9

-copied some temporary Carbine fixes over to the part I replace

-fix for strain patch
-fix for missing linebreak

-fix for error 37

-new GeminiAddon
-small internal change

-now it should work...really

-fixed GeminiAddon bug


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  • #26

    As of today (17/07/14) this add on on the wildstar addon list is surspended 

    hope this can be fixed soon


  • #27

    It would help me a lot if you would click "Show Errors" and copy/pasted the content here. Thx

  • #24

    I'll see if I can add support for Circles/Friendlist as soon as I'm finished with my new Interruptor patch.

  • #25

    Cant wait for this!!!! Thx :)

  • #23

    It would be amazing if you could integrate this into circles too!

  • #22

    Any chance to make it play nicely with Better Guild Frame plz:

  • #21

    could u do that also for circles?

  • #20

    The addon is working fine now.. thank you !!

  • #16

    Fix for July 1st Strain UltraDrop (

    Edit: included in newest release

    Last edited by Dridzt on 7/1/2014 12:46:17 PM
  • #15

    Great addon but 2 issues:

    1. "Show Offline" is in 1 line, clipping into the "Leave" button.

    2. I get this error when I click the "Show Offline" button:

    ...\WildStar\Addons\NoOfflineRoster\NoOfflineRoster.lua:81: bad argument #3 to 'SetCellDoc' (invalid xml string)
    stack trace:
        [C]: in function 'SetCellDoc'
        ...\WildStar\Addons\NoOfflineRoster\NoOfflineRoster.lua:81: in function 'BuildRosterList'
        ...\WildStar\Addons\NoOfflineRoster\NoOfflineRoster.lua:98: in function <...\WildStar\Addons\NoOfflineRoster\NoOfflineRoster.lua:96>

  • #18

    (1) The first problem seems to be solved for now. "Show Offline" are on 2 lines now, but still too close to the "LEAVE" button.

    (2) Even in new Strain patch, I am still getting this error when I click "Show Offline":

    ...\WildStar\Addons\NoOfflineRoster\NoOfflineRoster.lua:82: bad argument #3 to 'SetCellDoc' (invalid xml string)
    stack trace:
    [C]: in function 'SetCellDoc'
    ...\WildStar\Addons\NoOfflineRoster\NoOfflineRoster.lua:82: in function 'BuildRosterList'
    ...\WildStar\Addons\NoOfflineRoster\NoOfflineRoster.lua:99: in function <...\WildStar\Addons\NoOfflineRoster\NoOfflineRoster.lua:97>

  • #19

    2: Put a new version up, should fix that.

    1: I don't know how close it is on your screen, but it's supposed to be close so it fits even if you have guild master permission. Have a look at his:
    If yours looks significantly worse/closer, feel free to send me a screenshot, otherwise I don't see the need to complicate things.

    Thx for the feedback anyway.

  • #14

    One of the biggest lag issues with the UI is everytime someone logs in and logs off it seems to reload or zap in the entire list. Causing large guilds to pause.

    Kane Hart

  • #12

    Would it be possible to move the "show offline" button a bit more to the right of "leave" Currently it's still ery close to the leave button, as well as having some text overlap. Thank you :)

  • #11

    Hi Quickgric, thanks for the addon ! ♥

    What would you think of adding the feature for the friend list ?

    Thanks !

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