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  • Updated 12/11/2014
  • Created 06/14/2014
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About Who's Online

See who is online in this simple sortable/filterable window with interaction menus for players found. Overrides the existing /who functionality which spams a list of strings to your chat window!

[1.0.0] Initial Release of WhoWindow with the ability to sort and filter names and access social menus for found characters.


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  • #17

    Could you please update it?
    Thanks :)

  • #16

    Any Updates or discontinued? :/

  • #15

    I would like to request a minimize option.  This would allow us to use this great addon with wildstar-census with both of them minimized.

    Thanks for the best /who option

  • #13

    Could you please implement "ShowHintArrow()" in that little Menu to show a hinting arrow where i can find the clicked Player in the list?

  • #9

    I think if you look at the addon for the guild list you should be able to incorporate that list of online players into maybe another tab which would be really nice I think most people miss being able to see where people are when they check /who.


    If you can't add the guild/circles/friends list into it I would consider developing a new addon to cover the location of players in your Circle, Friends, Neighbors and Guild as it is really the biggest current need.

  • #11

    Great suggestion Requital! I'll look into this after I finish moving house! Keep your eyes open for an update later this coming week.

  • #14

    Any luck with this?  I've spent all day trying to get the Last Seen column in the guild tab to work like the friends list where if they are online it show's location instead of online but cannot figure it out for life of me but then I don't know lua very well and the API even less so.

    The more I look into it though the more it seems impossible to do.

    I did think of using the /who to search everyone online in the guild and putting it in a seperate window though not sure if this is possible either or if it's overly complicated.  Not sure why Carbine didn't put the location in the guild info anyway.

  • #8

    Hi all,

    I do have plans to expand on this addon where possible however I'm actually currently moving houses so don't have access to my pc until Tuesday (No Wildstar all weekend :'(  ), here are some of my thoughts and responses to many of the posts below, "Can I search for x, y" and WoWLoreConfusedMe's post in particular.

    This still uses Carbines built in "/who" to retrieve the list of players.

    It is unknown at this stage what subset of characters are returned from the /who command. With the time I have had to search I cannot see a specific API for this only a "WhoResponse" event which I listen to, to retrieve the list of characters.

    As far as I have discovered thus far the built in functionality seems to only allow searching on:

    • Character Name using /who <name> or /who <substring> (i.e. /who bob or /who bo)
    • Level using /who <level> or /who <levelLower>-<levelUpper> (i.e. /who 50 or /who 40-50)

    I have considered adding my own filtering in which would use key-value to filter the results i.e.

    /who n=Alice:p=Soldier:c=Esper

    to return any player who is an Esper Soldier of whoms name contains Alice. This however would only filter on the subset of characters already returned from the Game Engine's WhoResponse event. Meaning that limited subset is only going to get more limited.

    I will have a look through the code base and explore the api to see if I can find any more hooks into /who when I have access back to my pc next week and will give an update then!

    Thanks all!

  • #10

    Also, instead of typing /who <filter> every time into chat you can just type in the Filter section of the window and hit refresh.

  • #7

    If you cant search with name / class / guild /area etc there is no point for the addon.

    Thx anyway and hope to add these features :)

  • #6

    I know it's not your fault, but...

    But this is the same useless list with a *random* players from the whole server?

  • #5

    Is it possible to search by guild (find players online on a specific guild)? I'd love to find an addon that could do that!

    Last edited by WilsonKaupert on 6/14/2014 12:47:50 PM
  • #4

    I really like this addon. Is it possible to search for people by name or class? So far I was only able to filter by level.

  • #3

    Very nice. Good work.


  • #2

    Much better than 'BetterWho'. Thank you

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