Success Through Curse Advertising

The Curse audience is young and influential with a strong passion for gaming. They are early adopters and brand ambassadors with purchasing power - when they see something good, their friends all want to know about it.

The Gaming Landscape

Gaming has gone mainstream and will only get bigger

The Curse Audience

Spending Power

SOURCE: ESA (includes all hardware, peripherals, and in-game purchases), Momentum WorldWide We Know Gamers Study 2017, comScore August 2017

High Impact Ad Units

Reach the most dedicated and passionate gamers in their own communities

Large scale formats that drive high user engagement

Custom Content Solutions

Leverage our gaming experts to craft content about your product

  • Take advantage of our in-house video team by sponsoring our professional gaming content, or have us craft content about your brand for our 770K+ subscribers.
  • Reach our highly engaged users and signal boost your message with written content tailored for any of our communities.
  • Connect with hardcore fans at events around the world and give them an experience they'll never forget.
  • Tap into the energy and power of the largest influencers in esports with our high profile in-house tournaments, streamed worldwide to rabid gaming fans.
  • Magnify your online presence through incentivized community interaction by leveraging our huge range of sites and gated giveaway system.


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