For over 40 years, Dungeons & Dragons has ruled the tabletop RPG market, bringing players all over the world to adventure and fight together in wondrous settings. D&D Beyond, Curse’s new digital companion web app, aims to enhance the D&D experience by making game management easier than ever before.

All of the official game information adventurers need to tell and play out incredible stories with your friends has been converted into an easy-to-use digital format, eliminating the need to manually search through books – and D&D Beyond takes the load off of players through other features:

  • Create heroes with our robust character builder
  • Play with interactive digital character sheets
  • Search a compendium complete with game rules, lore, monsters, adventures, and more
  • Go off the beaten path by creating and playing custom homebrew content
  • Talk about your campaign, or find players to share the fun with on the forums

With over 310,000 active members, D&D Beyond’s dedicated community has already created more than 600,000 characters and are bringing the new modern era of D&D to their tables.

The team at Curse has an extensive roadmap for D&D Beyond, including implementing features such as a mobile app, encounter builders, and combat tracking. D&D Beyond is excited to continue to work closely with the team at Dungeons & Dragons to implement all-new adventures and rules material into the toolset.

Start your own adventure at D&D Beyond now!